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How a neighborhood is devastated when short-term rentals take over

Texas Monthly published a scathing story about the short-term rental industry, with a special focus on the devastation in East Austin. This hard-hitting report by Pete Holley also covers the general disregard for the law by short-term rental operators and the impossibility of the city enforcing rules mandating good behavior. The story shows the reality of investment companies buying multiple houses in a neighborhood and running their commercial lodging operation in a residential area.

This is what happens when a city does not enforce its zoning and does not prohibit short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods. Austin made the mistake of allowing the registration of short-term rentals before establishing regulations. Now they have thousands of mini-hotels all over town.

Or download a PDF of the article.

Austin's Airbnb Party Houses Are the City's Newest Form of Gentrification
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