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Plano has a short-term rental problem

The Dallas Morning News recently published a thoughtful story about the fight over short-term rentals in Plano. Written by Myah Taylor, Collin County reporter, the story outlines TNC Plano's fight to prohibit short-term rentals (STRs) in the city’s single-family residential neighborhoods. She further describes our goal for the City of Plano to adopt zoning ordinances similar to those in Arlington, where short-term rentals have successfully been prohibited in single-family residential districts.

Or download a PDF of the story.

Plano has a short-term rental problem. Here’s what Arlington did to solve the same issue
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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 03, 2023

The people in Plano need to address gun violence not VRBO this is just a sign of things to come wake up you are living in a cloud that is soon to burst right in your faces join the right group and push your local and state politicians to fight for tougher gun laws and control and quit running away from the real issues the NRA is for no one but their own interest and people living in so called safe neighborhoods will soon become just another place of random violence so fight for the right thing and quit wasting your time and money on bandaids vote for the right people and show lax government your tired of being comforted…

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