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TNC Plano tells city council to end short-term rentals

The meeting was widely covered by the media including TV, print and radio.

On Monday, October 10, 2022, a large group of Plano residents stayed late into the night at the Plano City Council meeting to hear the city's presentation about short-term rentals and to support speakers from TNC Plano. More than 20 people spoke, imploring council members to stop short-term rentals in our residential neighborhoods.

With the recent sex-trafficking arrest at a short-term rental in Plano, the city council meeting and our call to end short-term rentals attracted substantial media coverage with news stories on TV, radio and in print.

See below for stories, links and videos of some of the coverage on WFAA TV 8, NBC 5, CBS 11, Fox Channel 4, KERA-FM, KRLD AM Radio, the Plano Star Courier, and the Dallas Morning News.

Media Coverage:

10/10/22. 10:29 pm. CBS News 11 story titled "Plano residents pack city council meeting, want officials to ban short term rentals" by Erin Jones.

10/10/22. 10:00 pm. Fox News 4 story titled "Plano to discuss short-term rental restrictions after home is used as a brothel" by Peyton Yager.

10/10/22. 10:18 pm. WFAA-TV Channel 8 story titled "Plano residents demand accountability for short-term rentals like Airbnb, Vrbo listings – but council warned of legal hurdles," by Matt Howerton.

10/11/22. 5:00 am. KERA-FM news story titled "Plano council weighs rights of short-term rental owners against resident complaints" by Caroline Love.

10/10/22. 5:23 pm. CBS News 11 story titled "Plano City Council to discuss regulations for short-term rentals" by Caroline Vandergriff.

10/10/22. 9:14 pm. Fox 4 News story titled "Plano discusses short-term rental restrictions after home is used as brothel," by Dan Godwin and Peyton Yager.

10/10/22. 1:52 pm. NBC 5 DFW story titled "Plano Considers Short-Term Rental Regulations Weeks After Brothel Bust," by Ben Russell.

10/11/22. Plano Star Courier story titled "Plano City Council addresses short-term rentals after Dallas police officers make arrest in brothel operating in Plano neighborhood," by Winston Henvey.

10/11/22. 7:15 am. WFAA TV Channel 8 story titled "Plano considers rules for short-term rentals like Airbnb," by Susanne Brunner.

10/10/22. 5:00 am. KERA FM news story titled "Plano city council talks short-term rentals after sex-trafficking bust," by Caroline Love.

10/10/22. 5:17 pm. WFAA TV Channel 8 story titled "Plano city officials to hold meeting over short-term rental regulations after recent sex trafficking ring bust," by Malini Basu.

10/10/22. 7:30 am. KRLD AM news story titled "Plano City Council meets to discuss short-term rentals," by Baylee Friday.

10/10/22. 7:34 am. Fox 4 News story titled "Plano to discuss restrictions for short-term rentals," by Dan Godwin.


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