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Plano City Council tables STR ordinance that would have allowed unrestricted use

Mayor Muns announced at the Plano City Council meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022, that after receiving further legal advice, the Plano City Council agreed to table the vote regarding the city's proposed short-term rental ordinance--which was on the agenda that night. (See the letter TNC sent to the City prior to this vote.)

The proposed ordinance was to register short-term rentals and allow them without restriction anywhere in the City of Plano. The ordinance was the exact opposite of what TNC Plano wants--which is regulation and prohibition of short-term rentals in single-family residential neighborhoods. The tabling of this ordinance is a small victory for the citizens of Plano who want to restore and maintain the health, safety, and quality of life in all Plano neighborhoods.

TNC Plano is committed to working with the City of Plano to develop a framework for a new short-term rental ordinance based on these four steps:

1. Hire a third-party data collection firm to determine all the short-term rentals operating in Plano.

2. Conduct town hall meetings and other ways of collecting citizen sentiment about short-term rentals in single-family neighborhoods.

3. Update the City of Plano zoning ordinance to clarify where short-term rentals can and cannot operate.

4. Create a registration program to monitor short-term rentals where they are permitted and to prohibit them in districts where they are not allowed, such as single-family residential neighborhoods.

Thank you to all the residents of Plano who have voiced their opposition to short-term rentals in general, and specifically this ordinance, by coming to city council meetings and contacting their council members.

Media coverage of the meeting:


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