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Media coverage of shooting at short-term rental in Plano

Plano homeowners demand restrictions on short-term rentals after shooting

A group of Plano homeowners is now demanding restrictions on short-term rental properties after a shooting happened at one in their neighborhood over the weekend.

Shooting at Airbnb, Vrbo property has Plano residents doubling down on short-term rentals

A bullet went through the window of one resident’s home. Plano community members have advocated against short-term rentals in their neighborhoods.

Plano City Council to revisit short-term rental ordinances after recent shooting incident

Plano residents call for an end to short-term rentals following shooting

While the short-term rental subject was not on the agenda, one by one residents called for council members to ban them from the city of Plano.

Video captures gunshots fired outside party at short-term rental in Plano

A neighborhood in Plano is outraged and terrified after a house party at a short-term rental property ended with more than 25 gunshots fired.

A bullet hole above a three-year-old's bed — and anger over short-term rentals in Plano

Stray Bullet Enters Child’s Playroom In Plano, Texas

The short-term rental controversy continues

Gunfire from short-term rental strikes a Plano home, neighbors demand city do something

Short-term rental regulation set to return to Plano City Council agenda

Plano homeowners demand restrictions on short-term rentals after shooting

A recent shooting in Plano is being addressed at a city council meeting concerning short term rentals.


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