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About Short-term Rentals In Plano
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There are nearly 600 entire homes listed as short-term rentals in Plano, including every zip code. Many of these STRs are non-owner-occupied. They are empty houses owned by investors who do not live in Plano and have no vested interest in the health and vitality of Plano neighborhoods.

These are hotels operating in residential districts.  

Why STRs are terrible for Plano neighborhoods:

  • Quality of life issues. An STR brings an ongoing stream of transients to your Plano neighborhood, along with increased noise, trash, and cars on the street.

  • Concern for personal safety. STRs often are rented for large parties that can become dangerous events with drug use, weapons, and violence.

  • The loss of a neighborhood. STRs are empty houses. Without full-time residents, your Plano neighborhood loses its character and changes its very existence. 

  • Lack of available housing. STRs contribute to the ongoing problem of housing availability and affordability because these homes are not available for purchase or for long-term renters.

  • The loss of a community. Without people living in houses, everything else that makes Plano such a great place to live will decline including schools, parks, places of worship, libraries, and non-profit and civic organizations. 

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STRs in Plano

This map from shows all the short-term rentals in Plano as of June 2022. Each purple dot represents an entire home for rent as a hotel. (The blue dots are for renting a room within a home.)

Nearly 600 homes are currently listed as short-term rentals in Plano. This is a huge increase from 405 homes listed in February 2022. 

All of these STRs could be homes for people who want to purchase or rent and become full-time residents of Plano. 

Doesn't the City of Plano have zoning? 

Yes, the City of Plano has a 374-page Zoning Ordinance document that defines all zoning districts and related ordinances. You can read the June 2022 version here

All Plano neighborhoods, with or without a homeowners association (HOA), are zoned residential districts.


See below for the list of these residential districts.

City Zoning districts.jpg

Article 14

Within the City of Plano zoning document, there is a section that lists all the allowed uses for residential districts and non-residential districts. This is called Article 14. 

Article 14.100 is a table within this section that lists every use that is permitted and prohibited specific to residential districts. 

A blank listing means the use is prohibited. See below for this definition.

And yes, the city of Plano has existing zoning ordinances that prohibit hotels/motels and boarding houses in all residential districts.


See below for the city's listing of residential districts. 


Article 14 zoning.jpg
zoning info
 According to the use list in Article 14,  hotels/motels along with boarding houses and B&B inns are prohibited in all single-family residential districts in Plano. 
 STRs in residential neighborhoods are prohibited by the current Plano zoning ordinance. See the map below for the location of all residential neighborhoods in Plano.
Hint: It is everything in yellow.
zoning map of plano.jpg

This map is from the city of Plano website. All the sections in yellow are areas zoned as residential neighborhoods.

STRs are destroying the health and safety and quality of life in Plano neighborhoods.
Your street could be next.
Join us to save your neighborhood.

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If you are currently experiencing an issue with an STR in your neighborhood, call the Plano Police Department's non-emergency phone number to register your complaint:
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