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Plano City Council hears again from residents to save their neighborhoods

Council members consider a temporary ban on short-term rentals

Plano City Council considers temporary ban on short-term rentals

The Plano City Council is considering new rules for short-term rentals, including a temporary ban. The council heard from people against the rentals and from some owners who blame a few bad owners.

Plano City Council to address short-term rental issues; members say all options on the table

"Our biggest concern is that it breaks the fabric of the neighborhood. It displaces a neighbor with a transient," said Bill France.

Plano City Council Members Considering New Rules Amid Short-Term Rental Issues

The City of Plano is facing growing pressure to fix short-term rental issues.

Plano City Council Considers Temporary Short-Term Rental Ban

No vote was made at the latest meeting.

Plano city leaders continue discussion on short-term rentals

Casey Bartholomew: Will Short-Term Rentals Ever Go Away?

They had a meeting about short-term rentals in Plano last night. They want to do away with them. Since nothing but bad things seem to happen, should they just become a thing of the past?


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